Joe Leary (Born 1986 in Sheffield UK) is a UK International Male Model, Actor and Hip Hop Dancer.  Joe’s career started at quite a young age where he appeared in various children TV productions and advertising campaigns.

Joe Leary moved away from Sheffield, UK to Lancashire where he lived with his Parents and younger brother at their family home.  Joe returned to Sheffield after losing his family at just 12 years old with the determination of becoming successful in making a difference in not only his own life but in the lives of others too.

After gaining weight Joe decided at 14 years old weighing in at over 13 stone was unacceptable and changes were needed.  Joe was rapidly losing confidence and applied to join the British Army where his fitness levels were tested at this point.  Joe continued to fight hard to regain his physical appearance and increase his own fitness levels.  Joe began dancing as a way of expressing emotion and building stability within his own core.

It was in his home town of Sheffield where in 2005 Joe met a group of friends whom were HipHop and Breakdancers.  Joe studied hard and attended classes no less than 3 times per week.  Joe had a new passion, a passion that has since seen him appear as a main stage backing dancer in front of audiences allover the UK.

After being scouted by a local agency Joe decided to continue with his original ambition of successfully appearing on television advertising/representing a nationally recognized brand name which he successfully achieved in 2006 on a prime time television advertisement for DFS (Sofa’s and Dining).

Since 2006 Joe has continued with his work and successfully represented both UK and Internationally recognized brand leaders on film, Billboards and many other forms of advertising and film productions.  Today Joe Leary still resides in Sheffield where he was born and continues to travel worldwide on shoots and assignments.